The Mysterious Orchard

Orchards have long been regarded as special places, so special that in past ages paradises were called “orchards.”  Paradise is a Persian word literally meaning “orchard” or “stand of trees.” These “stands of trees,” mostly fruit trees, come up time and again in myth and legend, some more obscurely, and others we just take for […]

Forest for the Trees

I recently took a drive down to some of the most beautiful farmland in Oregon.  The area is considered part of the Willamette Vally consisting of Orchards, Vineyards, and other lush crops.  When it comes to life in the spring it’s a sight to behold as the ground turns a brilliant green, the orchards explode […]

Gorgeous Gorge

Spring in the Columbia Gorge has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Everything is lush and green and the streams, rivers and waterfalls are at capacity from all the winter rains.  If you ever get a chance to visit the area in spring don’t pass up the opportunity. Click to see a Larger […]

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