Rough Around the Edges

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Since returning from a recent photo trip to central Oregon, I can’t stop thinking about all the rustic beauty found in some of the old rural structures.  A lot of folks would look at these as ruins or eyesores seeing them as a blemish on the landscape. Rather than dismissing them I decided to take a closer look and discovered that they are still holding on to their share of beauty.  Sure, they’re Rough Around the Edges, but that’s where the beauty lies.  All you need to do is look closely and open yourself up to the possibilities.

The photo above reveals the charm that can still be found in this rugged structure.  Battered by time it still clings to life and somehow seamlessly blends into its surroundings.  I’m not sure how much longer it will remain which makes this image all the more special. By capturing this brief moment in it’s long history it will remain as a reminder of what once was.

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This old shed has seen its share of neglect for some time.  But it still manages to share some of its past for those who will take a few minutes to look closely.  Stop, observe, and think of the stories it could tell…
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