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There’s a quote by Confucius that says “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”  When it comes to photography I sure can relate to this.  So when I start to get caught up in all the complex details I step back and remind myself that keeping things simple sometimes is the best approach to photography.
Simplifying a photo means to eliminate the nonessential elements so that the essential ones will stand out. This means that the compositions are simple, uncomplicated, and free of clutter. Having unessential elements in an image can have the viewers eyes wondering back and forth looking for something to settle on. Keeping the image simple is the answer.
The image I chose for todays post fits the simplicity bill perfectly.  This was a photo I took up in the Palouse area of Eastern Washington State. A very simple composition that is easy on the eyes and gives an overall feeling of calmness.  The clouds provide just enough drama to keep the viewer engaged.
Photography like life can be simple.  The key to both is realizing that when things start to get complicated it’s time to step back and simplify the situation.  Sometimes that’s not easy but it is always the best solution.  Simplicity truly is the ultimate elegance.
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