Stand Strong

This image talked to me even before I pressed the shutter.  I was high above the Pacific Ocean on top of a sand dune near Pacific City, Or.  It was overcast and not looking good for any sunset images so I started looking for other opportunities.
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One thing that caught my eye was the waves pounding on the shore below me. I stood there watching for awhile amazed at how the rock could stand up to all the relentless battering it received.  Again and again, non-stop, 7/24/365…it took the beating and yet stood its ground, teasing the ocean to bring-it-on.
To get this image I isolated a couple of interesting looking rocks, framed them in my viewfinder, focused, and waited.  These rocks were literally covered with water every time a wave broke shore so it was going to be a timing issue to try and capture what I was looking for.  I wanted the image to show the motion of the relentless ocean and the steadfastness of the rocks… something that would take many attempts, some experimentation, patience, and a little luck.
It all came together in this image.  The polished rock is still visible but you can almost feel the power of the ocean which is about to envelop it.  The result is a sharp image with a feeling of movement.  Exactly what I was going after.
That rock, like us, is bombarded constantly.  It has to deal with the elements, which seems relatively easy, compared to what’s in our path.  Advertisements (You have to BUY this), news broadcasts (look at the terrible things that happened today), work (have that report on my desk before you leave tonight), family ( I lost my homework, what’s for dinner), commuting (an accident on the 405 has traffic backed up…), and on and on and on.  But unlike the rock we have choices.  We can remain steadfast or yield to the everyday pressures.  We can deal with the battering by maintaining our resolve or lose control and get washed away. It’s always our choice.  Choose to be like the rock, stand strong and stay positive.
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