The Mysterious Orchard

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Orchards have long been regarded as special places, so special that in past ages paradises were called “orchards.”  Paradise is a Persian word literally meaning “orchard” or “stand of trees.”

These “stands of trees,” mostly fruit trees, come up time and again in myth and legend, some more obscurely, and others we just take for granted.  References such as ‘the apple of my eye’ have deep roots in folklore associated with the apple being a symbol of love, friendship and purity.  In other situations the apple has been interpreted as being a symbol of temptation – Adam and Eve, or wickedness – the Wicked Queen trying to kill Snow White with a poisoned apple.  Where does that apple come from… yes, an orchard.

Mysterious Orcchard When out photographing in western Oregon  I came across a hazelnut orchard I knew it would be special place for me. When I pulled the car over to the side of the road it seemed like it was calling me in.   Even though it was a bright spring day and the newly budded leaves were glowing in the soft light, this orchard had a dark, sinister feeling when I walked into it.  The branches seemed like they were reaching out to grab you, while the endless rows of trees seemed to go on forever.  I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder expecting someone to suddenly “be there” but continued to carry on.  I took a lot of photos while in the orchard but this one seemed to sum up the feeling I had while being there.. dark and mysterious.

Photography can have many “moods.”  I think one of the primary objectives of any photographer is to capture that mood and portray it I your image.  Whether it capturing the happy feeling of children at play or the mystifying feeling of an abandoned house it’s our job to capture the moment and pass that feeling onto our viewers.

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